Meet Professor R.H. Fuller

Professor R.H. Fuller grew up in Indiana where he and his three older sisters and little brother were taught the importance of living a virtuous life by their mother. R.H.'s father left the family in hopes of "finding himself" before R.H was four. It is still unclear whether or not he succeeded. Hard work, perseverance and loyalty were the virtues that marked the life of R.H. most during these years.

In the late seventies R.H. served in the United States Marine Corps; attaining the rank of Sergeant in just two years. The virtues honor, courage and self-discipline were forged in his life during these years.

During the early eighties, R.H. attended college. He graduated from the University of Notre Dame in 1984. Commitment, responsibility and determination were the virtues developed in his life during these years.

R.H. married his high school sweetheart in the mid-eighties and in 1987 they had their first child. In 1996 they had their sixth child. Patience, love, joy, hope and thankfulness were the virtues R.H. learned during these years.

Today, when he is not writing books, R.H. spends much of his time coaching soccer, speaking to groups/organizations and hanging out with his kids.

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